for SCANIA - "Premium" seat

Article code: 5054

Made to measure seat cover, with lateral sides in synthetic leather and central part in microfiber.

The seat cover is separated from the seat back cover for perfect and easier fitting.

Customizable with:

  • "Scorpion" logo
  • "Shark" logo
  • "Truck" logo
  • Other logos on demand (for minimum quantities)


  • Synthetic Leather / Microfiber
  • Polyurethane
  • Woven non woven

Suitable to:

  • SCANIA G Series from 2013 
  • SCANIA R Series from 2013 
  • SCANIA S Series 

"Premium" seat


Why choose "by Ernest"?

Suitable to seats with or without seat arms

Cutting shapes for safety belts

Cutting shape for microphone

Cutting shapes on seat back cover for climatized seat

Without hooks

It protects the sides of the seat from wear and tear

European patented model

  • Openings for seat arms
  • Shapes to cut for safety belt, to fit the seat cover to both driver and passenger seat
  • Shape to cut in case of microphone
  • Shapes to cut on seat back cover for climatized seat
  • Quick and easy fitting, without hooks
  • The lateral sides in synthetic leather protect the seat from wear and tear