Who we are

Austo Srl

Established over 40 years ago, AUSTO s.r.l. is a leading company in the manufacturing of seat covers, mats and accessories for trucks, vans and cars.

Its products are distributed all over the world under the brand "by Ernest".

"by Ernest" accessories are realized with fabrics of great value, which let to realize articles of extraordinary elegance and very good resistance at the same time.

The manifacturing of most of "by Ernest" accessories is made in-house by experienced staff, which take advantage of vanguard and computerized equipment. Thanks to this, every article is realized and finished with care and accuracy.

A well-organized and supplied warehouse allows a fast and a careful management of every order.

Visit the showroom

It is possible to check the quality and the precision in details of every article visiting the showroom in the factory.

We design, develop and manufacture tailor-made and universal seat covers forvans and trucks.

Here is exposed the whole range of "by Ernest" products, and every customer is followed with competence. 

WHY CHOOSE by Ernest?

Welcome to ByErnest, a leading Italian company with over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of accessories for trucks, vans and cars.

Thanks to our passion for quality and innovation, we offer an exclusive range of seat covers, mats and many other made to measure articles, designed to make every vehicle a more comfortable and functional working place.

Each ByErnest product is the result of meticulous in-house manufacturing, which uses top-quality fabrics to create a unique Italian style.

Whether you are a company, a professional driver or a road trip lover, ByErnest is the best choice to combine high comfort with unparalleled Italian fashion.


Explore our collection and enjoy a great driving experience.

High-quality materials

"by Ernest" products are realized with fabrics of great value and good resistance.

High technology

For the design and production of its products, AUSTO s.r.l. uses computerized instrumentation, which guarantees the maximum precision and reliability of "by Ernest" products.

In-house production

Almost all of "by Ernest" products are made in the internal laboratories by competent and expert staff, who take care of every detail and particular.

European patents

AUSTO s.r.l. has obtained several European patents for its products.

Made in Italy

The real made in Italy, with a unique and inimitable style.

Over 40 years of experience

AUSTO s.r.l. is a point of reference on the market for over 40 years.