Seat covers and carpets for motor vehicles

AUSTO is a leading firm in the production and selling of car seat covers and car accessories for more than 20 years. It is in possession of various patented system that allow it to distinguish itself by its originality and creativity on national and foreign markets. From a short time, it has diversified its production and made a name for itself also in the industrial vehicles field introducing in its range truck cortains, truck mats, truck seat covers and other accessories. The precision and the punctuality in drawing up the application lists (that are always up-to-date following the evolution of the market and that represent the necessary supporting

material for the operators in this area) position it at an higher level in comparison with the competitors. It is provided with computerized and recent equipment for the cutting of materials which enable it to obtimize the production process. The final product is carefully finished and packed by an expert staff in its own laboratories. A well organized and supplied warehouse allows it to execute orders with quickness and precision. It is possible to see the quality and the precision in details visiting the showroom inside of the factory, where is exhibited the full range of articles "BY ERNEST" and where customers are followed with seriousness and competence.


AIRPLUS - universal seat cover for trucks 100% breathable.
16 February 2018 - The new seat covers AIRPLUS are realized with lateral sides in microfiber, and central part in 3D polyester. This 3D polyester is also used for technical clothing and for sneakers; it is really strong, non deformable and allows the free circulation ...

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Seat cover made with lateral sides in microfiber and central part in 3D polyester.
It guarantees the best air circulation!
With or without logo.

Seat cover "AIRPLUS" »
Universal seat cover for trucks in microfiber and 3D polyester 100% breathable.

Set of made to measure seat covers for
Citro├źn Jumpy / Peugeot Expert / Toyota Proace
(from 2016)

Seat covers "TOP mod. 225" »
Citroën Jumpy / Peugeot Expert / Toyota Proace (from 2016)

Curtains set in shining velvet of rayon and microfibre, it includes the central curtains model

Curtains set "FASHION - THEATRE" »
Curtains set in shining velvet and microfibre 100% lightproof